Your local butcher shop with a passion for sustainable and ethical farming to ensure delicious meats and food.

Our Views on Meat

‘Nose to Tail’ Butcher Shop in Peterborough, Ontario.

Primal Cuts is a modern take on an old-world butcher shop.  We believe in sourcing locally, working closely with our farmers, treating our animals humanely and removing chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones from the food chain.  Our shop is a place where our butchers and chefs combine their love for great food and collaborate to create the best products available in the Kawarthas.

Our goal is to carry the best naturally and ethically raised and therefore the most delicious products in the Kawarthas.

Primal Cuts carries a vast array of meats that you probably already love as well as many other potential new experiences . We carry beautiful meats from Ontario including pasture-raised beef, Chanticlair chicken, lamb and heritage breeds of pork. We have fresh Turkey, Cornish hens, Partridge and Moscovy duck from Ontario and Quebec. We are also very proud to offer superb pasture-raised beef from PEI.

Always Fresh!

Primal Cuts carries a wide range of fresh and sustainable seafood options. We have oysters from the East Coast, clams, shrimps, prawns, salmon, catfish, sushi grade tuna, monk fish and black cod to name but a few.

Prepared Meals

Year round we have the meatiest meat pies from braised beef, chicken pot pie, rabbit pie, Tourtiere de Ville (Quebecois pork pie) steak and kidney, to cottage and shepherd pies, single or family size. Our kitchen offers a variety of seasonal ready to serve prepared foods that are convenient, delicious time savers every day!

Too busy to wait, or not able to leave your car?  We’ll bring it out for you! Just give us a call 705.775.6328


The Log Driver’s Sausage

After my recent trip to the #OttawaValley - this weekend's #CanadaDay special is inspired by the town where the #MadawaskaRiver meets the #OttawaRiver ..... #ArnpriorON The Log Driver's Sausage Created and made fresh in house by our talented team this sausage combines...

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Mechanical Meat Tenderization: Why We DON’T

What is it? Mechanical meat tenderizers are large machines that use needles and blades to penetrate steak and roasts to "improve the tenderness" and flavour of cooked beef. The Public Health Agency of Canada says 20-50% of steaks and roasts for sale in Canada are...

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Industrialized Farming = Cheap Meat

Sow Stalls / Gestation Crates Sow stalls are a way for industrial farmers to achieve high volumes at low costs. A sow stall is a 7' x 2' metal cage where a sow, who can weigh up to 600 pounds, spends most of her adult life. These stalls are used in the vast majority...

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The Square Nail Pork Project

Primal Cuts has joined forces with two other Kawartha businesses, Hawthorne Ridge Farm and Publican House Brewery to make a distinct and most flavourful feast. Mike Bohm from Hawthorne Ridge Farm has been raising his Large English Black heritage pig on the spent grains from the Square Nail Pale Ale, courtesy of Matt Philips of Publican House Brewery. At Primal Cuts, we offer the resulting tender, juicy, and flavourful cuts of pork.