What is it?
Mechanical meat tenderizers are large machines that use needles and blades to penetrate steak and roasts to “improve the tenderness” and flavour of cooked beef. The Public Health Agency of Canada says 20-50% of steaks and roasts for sale in Canada are mechanically tenderized.

NOT at Primal Cuts!

The Dangers:
The process can drive E. coli (0157 h7) on the surface of the meat into the centre, making it difficult to kill during cooking… Unless you cook it to well done.
In other words, meat tenderizing increase the risk of E. coli contamination in steaks and roasts.

The Result?
Health Canada has advised Canadians to cook mechanically tenderized meat to 71C (160F) medium-well to well done to reduce the risk of E. coli contamination! If you like your steak rare or medium-rare (63C or 145F) Health Canada says you shouldn’t be eating tenderized meat.

The Challenge for the Consumer?
Unfortunately, retailers don’t have to label the meat that was tenderized… yet.

At Primal Cuts our meat is tender because we use the highest quality product, from the highest quality farms, and we allow the meat to tenderize naturally as it ages.

For more info www.cbc.ca/marketplace/episodes/2012-2013/high-steaks

You can ALWAYS enjoy your steaks and roasts cooked rare or medium-rare from Primal Cuts!