Square Nail Pork Project

Sometimes it takes three.

Primal Cuts has joined forces with two other Kawartha businesses to make a distinct and most flavourful feast. It is all local, all natural and all delicious. It starts with local farmer Mike Bohm from Hawthorne Ridge Farm. Bohm has been raising his Large English Black heritage pig on grass, hay, fruits and vegetables as well as the spent grains from a local brewery’s beer. Those spent grains are courtesy of Matt Philips of Publican House Brewery, who supplements the meals to these ethically-raised pigs with the by-products of his Square Nail Pale Ale. And now at Primal Cuts, we offer these tender, juicy and flavourful chops, roasts, bacon, sausage and other cuts. A Square Nail pig roast on November 16, 2013 showcased the resourcefulness of our three businesses combining our joint commitment to sustainability and our expertise.

The event was a celebration of everything local.