Sow Stalls / Gestation Crates

Sow stalls are a way for industrial farmers to achieve high volumes at low costs. A sow stall is a 7′ x 2′ metal cage where a sow, who can weigh up to 600 pounds, spends most of her adult life. These stalls are used in the vast majority of farms across North America.

Animal Cruelty

These stalls are so small that the animals are not able to move, turn around, lay down, or socialize with other animals. Her movement is limited to one step forward and one step back. She must eat, sleep, urinate, and defecate in this tiny space. The waste falls through slatted concrete floors to a pool of raw sewage beneath her.

These stalls have been banned across the European Union. They are still legal and widely used in Canada.

At Primal Cuts, we source from the farmers who NEVER use sow stalls, gestation crates, or farrowing crates. The animals we butcher are allowed to roam, nest, lay down, and socialize. Basically, they are able to live a natural, healthy life.

Our sows are injury and stress free. They are raised by farmers who provide an ethical, quality life.

We believe sow stalls are cruel and unnecessary.

Primal Cuts only sources where animal welfare comes first.

Enjoy ethically raised, delicious pork at Primal Cuts