We use the air chilled method – the European way where freshly killed birds are sprayed with chlorinated water, suspended individually and chilled over many hours in old purified air.  This improves taste and quality while reducing the chances of cross contamination with other birds.

We DON’T use the “conventional”, “big box”, North American method where freshly slaughtered birds are immersed in large vats of chlorinated iced water to bring down the temperature, as quickly as possible, at the lowest cost.  Chickens absorb 7-8% of their body weight in chlorinated water (which you pay for!).

Why Primal cuts chooses air chilled chicken:

  • It retains its natural flavours
  • It isn’t saturated with chlorinated water
  • The meat is tenderized using its own juices, not a mixture of its natural juices and water
  • The chicken yields a crispier skin
  • The meat cooks faster because it doesn’t contain excess water
  • You aren’t paying for excess water (you will pay 7-8% more than the label says per pound of true meat for chicken that is processed using the conventional method!)
  • No excess exposure to other birds (arguably more sanitary)
  • Saves ten of thousands of gallons of water each day

In the European Union, processors are required by law to use the air-chilled process.

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