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Why Choose Primal?

We Know

We know the art of aging so that you receive the best quality cuts.

We know that meat and food is not just our job, it is our passion.

We love to share what we know… like what a picanha cut is and why the steak you buy at the grocery store shrinks on the barbecue and why a heritage breed of pork is better than commodity pork.

We love to talk about our products. Ask us anything!

We know meat.

We’d like you to know the meat you’re buying and why. And we’d like to know YOU!

We Care

We care about our planet and the creatures that live on it. We believe in maintaining an environmentally responsible carbon footprint.

We care about working closely with local farmers and being involved in every step of the process. The better our relationship, the better the product.

Mass produced animals are fed unhealthy diets to gain weight quickly and are then slaughtered at a young age. They live in confined spaces and do not enjoy the lives they lead.

We care about where the animal lives, what it is fed, how well it sleeps and how long it lives. We care about the air it breathes and the water it drinks.

Our animals are not fed hormones and antibiotics and they are GMO (genetically modified organism) free. Our animals run free, eat the foods they were meant to eat and live longer healthy lives.

We believe in sleeping well at night too.

We care.

We Provide

We provide top end product. Many stores only carry AA grade meat. We carry only AAA and Prime cuts and we aim to have the best tasting product in the Kawarthas.

We also provide dry aged beef. This is the most delicious beef on the market. It is a true art to dry age beef properly.

We also provide pork, chicken, Cornish hens, fresh Ontario partridge and duck.
We believe that a butcher needs to understand the animal from beginning to end, from the farm to your table.