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About Primal Cuts

Primal Cuts is a Peterborough Butcher Shop built around a passion for delicious and ethical food.

Our shop is a place where our butches and chefs combine their love for great food and collaborate to create the best products available in the Kawarthas.

Whether you are looking for a Strip Loin for the BBQ, fresh Seafood or a quick prepared meal, we have something to enhance every meal.

We practice the lost art of ‘nose to tail’ butchery.  This involves a deep respect for how our animals are treated and raised. We believe that no part of the animal should be wasted. We source locally and work closely with our farmers being involved in every step of the process.

We strive to remove chemicals, antibiotics and hormones from the food chain.  Our animals are GMO (genetically modified organism) free. They run free, eat the foods they were meant to eat and live longer healthy lives.

We provide top end product. Many stores only carry AA grade meat. At Primal Cuts we stock only AAA and Prime cuts.  We aim to have the best tasting product in the Kawarthas.

We also provide dry aged beef. It is a true art to dry age beef properly and our signature rib eye is aged for 120 days.

We believe that a butcher needs to understand the animal from beginning to end, from the farm to your table.